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As a child, Jeni fell in love with the Little House on the Prairie books, mostly because of all the wonderful things that were made at home from the simplest ingredients. Most weekends, Jeni can be found in her kitchen creating the basics for future meals. Culturing cheese and yogurt, breaking down larger cuts of meat into usable portions or for future grinding, fermenting cabbage, preserving fruits and veggies or dehydrating snacks of any variety keep her busy pretty much all weekend. When not involved in culinary pursuits, she enjoys knitting, crocheting, spinning and sewing as hobbies.

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    Saw your new post on FSC, but must say, the bacon post wins! I received a degree in restaurant mngt, but, must say that my most favorite class was Animal Meats. Most important things learned: how to visually identify different cuts of meat (of different animals) and how to sharpen a knife (free-slice a piece of paper. If it cuts the paper, it’s sharp. If it doesn’t, it’s not sharp enough. Cajun logic, and it works! Keep sharpening!) Like the dedication and research!

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